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Yoga Retreat 2023
Main Options



1. Titles

2. Description

3. Dates

4. Settings

5. Ticket Prices


6. Questions


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6a. Prices:


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7a. Place Booked

7b. Event Reminder

7b. Payment Received

7c. Payment Due

8. Test Booking Form

9. Live Booking Form

Activity Tags (optional)





Place Booked

Payment Received

Payment Due

Payment Reminder

Payment Overdue

Payment Received

Joining Instructions


Just Before


Just After


Custom Emails:



Custom X


Other Emails:

Invoice Copy

Waiting List Added

Waiting List Place

{{apptext.value.2670}} - {{view_message_template.data.message_template.message_topic}}

Email Title

Email Content

Note that some aspects of viewing the populated message will not function correctly until you have added a test attendee!

Message Shortcodes


Sender (values from Settings - Brand/Business)

[From First Name]

[From Last Name]

[From Email]

[Business Name]

[Business Address]

[Contact Details]

[Brand Name]


[First Name]


[Last Name]


[Full Name]

John Smith



[Mobile Phone]

123 456 789

[Other Phone]

789 567 123

[Contact Address]

43 High Street, Anytown, XZ8 7AA


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e.g. Yoga Retreat


e.g. Yoga Retreat

[Activity Prefix]


[Clients Buy]


[Location Area]

e.g. Salisbury, England

[Location Name]

e.g. Waterworks Barn

[Location Description]

e.g. Waterworks Barn is in a beautiful countryside setting close to...

[Start Date]

e.g. 24th January

[Start Date Year]

e.g. 24th January 2022

[Start Day]

e.g. Monday

[When Activity Is]

e.g. on the weekend of 5-6 May 2022

[On Activity Date]

e.g. on the weekend of 5-6 May 2022

[On Event Date]

e.g. on the weekend of 5-6 May 2022

[Booking click here]

[Booking Click here]

[Booking CLICK HERE]


[Invoice Description]

e.g. Attendance at our "Yoga Retreat" on 1-5 January 2022 for John Smith

[Invoice Details]

[Full details of invoice status, invoice items, payments made and scheduled payments]

[Price Description]

e.g Early Bird Price

[Payment Methods]

[Invoice Address]

[Invoice Number]

[Invoice Amount]

e.g. £100.00

[Amount Outstanding]

e.g. £50.00

[Invoice Click here]

[Invoice click here]

[Invoice CLICK HERE]

[Payment Due Amount]

e.g. £50.00

[Payment Due Date]

e.g. 28 February

[Payment Click here]

[Payment click here]

[Payment CLICK HERE]


[Payment Amount]

e.g. £100.00

[Payment Date]

e.g. 28 February 2020

[Payment Method]

e.g. Card Payment

[Payment Number]

e.g. 1234

[Payment For]

e.g. Attendance at "Yoga Retreat" on 1-5 January 2022 for John Smith

[Paid By]

e.g. John Smith (Johnny)

[Invoice Details]

[Full details of invoice status, invoice items, payments made and scheduled payments]

Yoga Retreat 2023 - Prices
Price Templates

Add from Templates

Watch Video

Add new

Times shown are {{user_timezone.value}}

Copy to: 

Copy all Prices

(1) ALL CLASSES - ONE CLASS - Wed 5 Nov 11:00am - Entry Price - £500 (SOLD OUT) (OUT OF DATE)

Start Date: {{availability_start_date}}, End Date: {{availability_end_date}}, Today: {{today_start.datetime}}



10 sold


10/12 sold

Accommodation restricted (10/12)

Available: 1 Jan - 3rd Feb

Pay by instalments

Pay on the door

Office mode only

Deposit disabled

Deposit 50%

Deposit add £50

Final payment XX days before

Yoga Retreat 2023 - Titles

Use a short name and date reference e.g. "Retreat - 2024" or "Taster - May 2024". Appears in the listing on the left.

The title of this activity that you will use internally to your business. This is the name that appears as you work with the app, but is not seen by clients. It is best to also include reference to the timing of the activity such as March 2024 or Autumn 2023. An example might be 'Yoga Retreat - Summer 2024'

For a series of classes, use singlar words like 'class' rather than 'classes' e.g. 'Kundalini Yoga Class'

If necessary, choose a word like "our" so this makes sense: 

You are booked on {{i_activity_pronoun.value}} {{i_activity_title_external.value}}

When Workshop Angel constructs sentences using the name of your activity, it sometimes makes more gramatical sense for there to be a word like 'our' placed before the activity name.
For example, a activity name can end in a word that describes what kind of activity it is, like 'Yoga Retreat' or 'Dance Workshop'. In this case, it is gramatically correct to say 'you are booking on our Yoga Retreat', rather than 'you are booked on Yoga Retreat'. Here you would set the value of this Prefix field to be 'our'.
Other actvity names may not end with the kind of activity, such as 'Yoga for Couples'. In this case, it reads better to say you 'you are booked on Yoga for Couples',and you should set the value of this Prefix field to be blank.

Edit locations

Select the location where this activity will be held. Locations can be defined and modified using the "Edit Locations" link just above.

Clear field

Add image

Yoga Retreat 2023 - Descriptions

Best to use up to 80 characters

Best to use up to 80 characters (currently {{f_activity_description.i_activity_short_description.value.length()}})

If you change this description or the image, Click Here then click on [Scrape Again] to update your social media links to the booking form.

Add a short description of your activity (up to around 150 characters) which will be used when the link to your booking form is shared on social media platforms such as Facebook or Whatsapp.
You may want to include details of when the activity is, as this information will not appear in any other areas of the way the link is shared.
If you modify this text or the activity image and it is not appearing when you share the booking form you can click here and enter the url of your booking form to have facebook go and find your new information.

Choose image

Paste content from other sources without formatting.

On Windows use "Paste as plain text" (Ctrl+Shift+v)

On a Mac select "Paste and Match Formatting" (Command+Option+Shift+v)

Use the [Picture] icon to insert an image by specifying a URL (address) of the image on the internet.

Use [Choose Image] to upload your image to Workshop Angel and copy the URL

Or... find the image on your web site or social media, right click over it and choose [Copy Image Address]

Once inserted, click on the image and set "25%" and "Float Left" for it to appear alongside text.

(Use a Header 2 or Header 3 after the text to always start a new section clear of the image.)

Emojis can be copied and pasted into the description.

Enter a description of your activity which will appear on the booking form your clients see.

You can insert images using the image icon and the image url from the Choose Image window.   An image will by default have its width set to fill the size of the text area available. Note that this may be different on the booking form to how you see it here, and will also be different when the booking form is viewed on different devices such as a computer screen or a mobile phone.

You can click on the image to change some of the display options. The 50% and 25% options will make the image occupy either a half or a quarter of the available width for the  activity description. The float left and right options are useful when using the 50% or 25% width settings, and will cause the text to be displayed next to the image. rather than below it. Check that this all looks okay on the booking form when your browser is set to fill your computer screen, and when it is as narrow as possible to simulate a mobile phone display.

Images are displayed with slightly rounded corners and a gentle shadow .

Yoga Retreat 2023 - Dates

Clients book

You are defining a SERIES OF CLASSES, for example a series of weekly yoga classes.
In Step 5 - Ticket Prices, create an entry price for each date and time a class runs, and optionally create a price which allow attendance to all the classes.

For example a single event, workshop, multi-event training course, retreat, or festival.

For an event (or a number of events) for which there is a single payment made, select 'for this whole activity'.

For a series of classes like a weekly yoga class, choose 'for separate class dates', and add an entry price in Step 5 for each of the dates/times the class will run.
For a series of classes you can have two different entry prices for each class, by creating entry prices with the same date/time but different descriptions and price amounts. You can also define a single price which allows entry to all of the classes in the series.


Insert dates

Insert date/times

Words to describe activity's dates, which are displayed on the booking form and in emails.

Use one of the insert options above to create and then edit the words from the start/end date fields, or type your own sentence starting with "on" or "over" or "from".

For example "over 3 weekends in May and June 2023" or "on 1st, 8th and 15th February 10-11am".

Words to describe the date range of the classes, which are displayed on the booking form and in emails to anyone who buys a pass for the whole class series. Start the phrase with a word such as 'during' or 'running'.

For example "during January and February 2024" or "running monthly through to Christmas 2024".

Set this option to cancel the event and have the booking form show the message you enter in the field below.

Write a message about why the event has been cancelled and any further steps your clients can take, and this will be displayed on the booking form.

Yoga Retreat 2023 - Settings

Maximum number of attendees:

When you have this number of bookings, clients will have the opportunity to be place on a waiting list.

Clients buy a

Depending on the types of event you are offering, you may refer to your clients buying a 'place' (for example on a workshop or a retreat), or buying a 'ticket' (for example for a festival or a dance). Using this option will change the terminology used within the app here, and on your client's booking form.

When 'on', only the lead attendee's contact details and question responses are requested by the booking form.

The default way that the booking form works is to require each attendee to enter their email address and answer the list of questions.
If you are selling tickets to an event, you may want to capture just the contact details of the lead attendee and allow them to select a number of tickets they wish to purchase for other un-named attendees. Set this option 'on' if this is how you want the booking form to appear.

Payment when client books is:

The deposit amount is:


The deposit amount is:

% of the final amount due

Final payment due

days before start date

Final payment date is {{activity.data.activity_event.start_date.addDays((0-i_activity_final_payment_days_before.value)).formatDate2('Do MMMM YYYY')}}.

Payment by deposit is enabled until {{activity.data.activity_event.start_date.addDays((0-7-i_activity_final_payment_days_before.value)).formatDate2('Do MMMM YYYY')}}.

The number of days before the activity start date when the final payment is due.
The final payment date is written into each booking record. Changing the value here will not change the final payment date of existing bookings - it will only change the date of new ones. To change the final payment date of existing bookings, go to the Bookings - Payments view, click on [... More] and use the Scheduled Payments tab to change the date(s) due.

Allow two or more equal monthly payments of the outstanding amount.

This is enabled until {{activity.data.activity_event.start_date.addDays((0-45-activity.data.activity_details.final_instalment_days_before_event)).formatDate2('Do MMMM YYYY')}}.

Payments will be due on {{activity.data.activity_event.start_date.addDays((0-activity.data.activity_details.final_instalment_days_before_event)).formatDate2('Do')}} day of each month.

Final instalment date will be {{activity.data.activity_event.start_date.addDays((0-activity.data.activity_details.final_instalment_days_before_event)).formatDate2('Do MMMM YYYY')}}.

Further options are available in the [Instalments] tab above if necessary.

Specific payment dates have been set up in the [Instalments] tab above.

Do not allow a deposit and just one final payment.

If an attendee chooses to pay just a deposit when they book, don't offer the possibility to just make one final payment a short time before the event begins - instead, only offer the option to make the subsequent payments by instalments.

Pay by instalments surcharge: {{this_activity_currency_symbol.value}}

(Rather than letting the system calculate them for you.)

Your clients can use this pay by instalments option until {{rg_activity_instalments[0].i_activity_instalment_payment_date.value.addDays((0-15)).formatDate2('Do MMMM YYYY')}}.

Final instalment due

days before start date

Final instalment date will be {{activity.data.activity_event.start_date.addDays((0-i_activity_final_instalment_days_before_event.value)).formatDate2('Do MMMM YYYY')}}.

Set the number of days before the activity start date when the final payment is due.
This value defaults to the "Final payment due" value set on the Main Options tab. If you set the value separately here, then when an attendee selects to pay by instalments then the final payment due date will be that shown here, but when they select just to pay a single further payment, it will  be the date shown on the Main Options tab.
If your activity actually runs over multiple sessions throughout a longer period of time (e.g. one weekend a month for 6 months), then you can allow the final payment date to be after the date of the first session by setting this to be a negative number of days.

Monthly Instalments

Add instalment

Create a list of the monthly payments allowed when your client selects to pay by instalments.
Ensure the percentages add up to 100% (or 99% and the system will round it up  for you)

Use [+Add Instalment] to add instalment dates and amounts





Do you really want to delete this instalment?

Ensure the percentages add up to 99 or 100%!

{{instalments.data.instalments.where(`price`, 0, "==").sum(`percentage`)}}

Payment Currency:

Sales tax rate:  %

Setting this option allows attendees who are added to the booking form after the lead attendee to have the option to book without entering their email address. This is useful if these additional attendees are children who do not have an email address to enter.

Set this if your event has separately bookable modules. Define the different modules using different price tags, and attach the price tags to different prices for specific modules.

Prices are for each: